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    Honda Powered Brush Cutter

    The mechanization of agriculture not only reduces the overall cost of production but also increases the total agricultural yield. Through mechanized farming, many countries in the world are reaching the upper limits of their cultivable land. The increasing use of agricultural machinery, equipments and fertilizers coupled with better irrigation facilities, together revolutionizes the agricultural sector.

    Harvesting, the gathering of a ripened crop, is the most important stage of the cultivation process. In the past, when harvesting was done manually, a substantial portion of the crop was wasted. But, with the introduction of harvesting machines, harvesting has become cheaper and easier than ever. Harvesting machine not only saves the time but also reduces the quantity of waste to a great extent.

    Brand & Model Honda
    Displacement 35.8 CC
    Max Output 1.2 kw
    Fuel Tank Capacity 0.65 Ltr
    Carburetor Diaphragm
    Start System Recoil Starter
    Clutch System Automatic Centrifugal
    Drive System    
    Transmission & Tube Rigid / Aluminium Ø28 mm
    Handle Type Bike Type Aluminium
    Throttle Lever Trigger Type
    Cutting Attachment    
    Safety Guard Safe Guard Black Colour
    Gear Case Ø 28
    Hardness Re-042 Double Strape
    Blade 2T Blade Diamond Type